Simple Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors at Home

By January 10, 2018Home

Living in your own home is a simple and empowering option for many seniors. As we age, though, the risk of falling and injuring ourselves because of accidents or medial problems increases greatly, especially for those of us who have mobility challenges. Fortunately, there are many tips and tools available to prevent falls for seniors at home, and Close to Home Health and Safety Monitoring can help with many of them. The Mayo Clinic recommends six fall prevention strategies that all seniors and their families can use:

  • Consulting your doctor about your health and risks for falling
  • Keeping active to improve strength, balance and coordination as much as you are able
  • Wearing comfortable, sensible footwear that you are able to balance in
  • Remove any hazards from walkways, such as boxes, obstructive furniture, loose rugs, shoes and other loose items
  • Keep your home well lit with bright, well-placed lighting, nightlights and other options.
  • Use assistive devices like handrails, grab bars, non-slip shower mats, raised toilet seats, and other home safety items
[Source: The Mayo Clinic]

Close to Home is able to help you with many of these strategies, especially reducing home hazards and using assistive devices. Our professional team can create a home safety monitoring system in your home with a simple set of motion sensors that are placed in areas of your home where you need them. These wireless sensors will create a secure, real-time home monitoring system for your family or caregiver, alerting them to any falls or loss of mobility that might happen in your home. In an emergency, a wearable device can let you alert either your caregivers or emergency services directly.

Close to Home now offers a selection of affordable home safety products direct from the supplier that will make your home safer and easier to live in. From grab bars to security lights to shower benches to wheelchairs and much more, our team is able to provide the fall prevention tools you need quickly and easily. Browse our extensive catalogue here.

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