Did you ever heard of the saying, “There’s no place like home.”

At Close to Home Health, we are fully agreed with the statement. There’s no place like a perfect home!

Would you be able to think about a better feeling than entering into a clean and tidy house which is up to your expectation? You can spare valuable time, check a significant task off of your endless schedule and appreciate the joy of realizing that your whole home has been cleaned by our expert and dependable cleaning worker when you book with Close to Home Health home cleaning services.

A home-cleaning visit includes the following services:

  1. Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
  2. Bare closet floors vacuumed
  3. Vacuum stairs, carpets or rugs (notify us if we are not to vacuum sure rugs)
  4. Standard Cleaning (all rooms)
  5. Disinfect door handles and clean fingerprints around door locks and light switches
  6. A dusting of picture frames from dry cloth, roof fans, lights, furniture, shelves, baseboards, glass sills, blinds, stairwayrailings, chair rails, dust, decorations and any other visible dust
  7. Clean all mirrors
  8. Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions
  9. Bottom of Form
  10. Top of Form

Standard Kitchen Cleaning

  1. Clean and wash sinks, backsplashes floors and counterpart
  2. Refrigerator exterior surfaces
  3. Range top
  4. Exterior of cabinets
  5. Table and chairs
  6. Top and front of appliances
  7. Counters
  8. Microwave (inside and out)

Standard Bathroom Cleaning

  1. Clean and sanitize shower, shower door, bathtub, sinks, vanity, backsplashes, toilet (inside and entire assessable exterior), floors
  2. Clean mirrors
  3. Light fixtures
  4. Polish chrome
  5. General dusting
  6. Clean baseboards

Additional Services

  1. Apartments &tiny spaces
  2. Oven clean-up
  3. Refrigerator cleaning
  4. Windows washing
  5. Packings& unpackings
  6. Walls washing
  7. Cabinets cleaning
  8. Furniture treatment
  9. Post-construction cleanings

Frequency Offered

  1. Daily
  2. Bi-Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. As-needed

At Close to Home Health, our unique housekeeping services are likewise accessible. You can leave other tedious cleaning tasks to us and invest energy in different things. Workers from our trusted and dedicated home cleaning staff will handle the hardest of cleaning tasks, and leave your home flawless and perfect. An immaculate home; Just the way you need it.

Our home cleaning services are intensive, steady and tweaked. In the event that you need us to avoid a specific room, we do it. On your special day, that you need special treatment for your house, simply let us know. If that you need to change your cleaning schedule, essentially call our office. We’ll deal with it.

Services which are offered to you, if in any case, did not satisfy you then neither we will be satisfied. That is the reason our focused services are 100% insured with WSIB (The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board),and we are fortified and reinforced for your security.