Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are the biggest class of labourers in the home care framework. PSWs finish their standardized preparing program, empowering them to take care and help their customers regardless of their ages, and their families, along with the errands of day by day living, individual attention and cleanliness, curative/initiation exercises and home care services.

Perhaps you’ve observed your parents home, beginning towards decline: counters are filthy, racks are full of dust. Or on the other hand maybe your sister’s wellbeing is also declining; she’s becoming older and avoids to take her medicines. Whatever the signs are, you’re starting to think that whether your family needs assistance around the house. At Close to Home Health, Homecare and homemaking services offer the same: nonclinical help for individuals who require it, without leaving the premises of home.

From doing the household chores and taking out the junk to playing cards or reading out a book loudly, experts in the personal care and homemaking services provided by another body inside the home. They’re accessible to help remind patients when to take their medicines, keep up around the house and even drive somebody for their hair cut.

Personal Care

At Close to Home Health, the reason for personal care is to offer a suitable company to your loved ones.We have a wide variety of personal care workers including non medical staff PSW and medical staff like RPN and RN nures as well. Our personal support workers may help you with certain family errands, for example, spreading out towels before a shower. However, their primary role is to invest energy in the patient. For example, many youngsters might need to procure PSWs to watch out for their ageing parents. Some of our services offered by our PSWs are:

  1. Transportation
  2. Reading a book aloud
  3. Playing games
  4. Accompanying the patient for a walk outside
  5. Letter writing
  6. Monitoring the home
  7. Home care

Consider homemaking an expansion to personal support workers (PSWs) services. With a homemaker, patients will get every benefit from a worker, for example, transportation, however with additional rewards. Homemaking connects with coordinate coursework, for instance, providing food, cleaning and even perishables shopping. Various administrations offered by homemaking include:

  1. Taking out the trash
  2. Light housekeeping
  3. Organization
  4. Cooking
  5. Laundry
  6. Respite care
  7. Cheaper Than Home Health Aides

PSWs and homemaking do exclude an individual, hands-on care. For instance,PSW can assist patient to shower however, cannot  with taking their medication. They can prepare and assist with bath and remind them to take their pills. For medication administration, the organization requires a licensed nurse like RPN or RN.At Close to home, we do have licensed staff as well, if needed. Our staff is available 24hrs/7days week at affordable prices to meet your needs.

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