Recover from a Fall Safely in Your Own Home

By January 10, 2018Uncategorized

Having a fall as a senior can be one of the most devastating accidents possible. Many falls lead to severe injuries, hospitalization, and long recoveries, sometimes followed by a long-term loss of mobility. It can feel like losing independence over your own life. A great number of seniors feel unsafe in their own homes after this kind of accident, especially if they are still recovering from their injuries. Some feel the need to move to a retirement residence or assisted living facility, but many testify that being in the comfortable space of their own home goes a long way in helping to heal and regain independence. If recovering from a fall at home is right for you, Close to Home Health and Safety Monitoring can make your healing process as easy and fast as possible, all while helping to reduce the chance of another fall.


Many physiotherapists work with their patients on redeveloping balance and strength as a high priority following a fall. Close to Home has the home safety equipment that is essential for building up these abilities. Our team can provide and install grab bars, railings, walkers, and many other devices to provide safety and confidence as you recover in your home, all for surprisingly low prices.


Beyond helping you get well, Close to Home can also help to prevent another fall with an affordable home monitoring and safety system that is customized to your needs. Close to Home will install its unique system of personalized motion sensors that let loved ones or care givers check in on your wellbeing in real time. Should an accident happen, these sensors can detect a disruption in your normal movements around the house and automatically alert caregivers or emergency responders that something is wrong.


These simple and affordable systems are giving a growing number of seniors and their families across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond security and peace of mind in their homes. For many satisfied users, Close to Home has been the key to remaining independent in their own home. Learn more about our customizable service packages here, or call 1-888-877-2569.