Proficient Foot Care with a delicate Touch!

Did you realize that the ordinary individual walks in excess of 10,000 steps every day? Your versatility and capacity to remain dynamic is apparently connected to the wellbeing of your feet. This is much more critical as we age!

Through the maturing procedure, every individual faces their own particular one of kind difficulties concerning their feet, a large number of them may require the assistance of an expert Foot Care Nurse equipped for supporting and checking these issues after some time with their insight and years of experience.

At Close to Home Health, our gifted medical caretakers give sophisticated foot care to individuals of all ages. Care is conveyed at customers’ homes, including retirement homes, or at community facilities. Our dedicated staff give assessments, care, and wellbeing teaching to customers including seniors and individuals with diabetes. Consistent foot care is especially critical for individuals with diabetes, as early diagnosis is vital to avert issues.

At Close to Home Health, our Foot Care staff are altogether experienced medical caretakers who have finished a particular course in cutting edge foot care. These medical attendants will visit your home, whenever the timing is ideal, to talk about your feet and address any issues you might look with them. Accepting this care inside your own particular home permits you the chance to legitimately relax your feet after care has been given, keeping in mind the end goal to allow most extreme curing time.

Our Foot Care staff will provide the following services:

  1. Nursing appraisals to enable you to comprehend your risk factors and recognize foot issues
  2. Foot back rubs to support dissemination
  3. Instructing you on dealing with your feet legitimately
  4. Nail cutting
  5. Corn and hard feet care
  6. Care of ingrown toenail
  7. Distinguishing proof of the requirement for more particular foot medications and provide referrals to you to appropriate resources in your locale.

The foot and toe fungus treatment supplies are sold at our close to home store in medical building #207. We are open from 10am to 4pm.