Introducing Close to Home

How the System Works

Advanced real-time notifications in an emergency, and the technology to identify them before they occur.

1. Personalized Sensors Placed Inside the Home
Dog at home
Smart care... Our sensors have no wires or cables. No drilling is needed for our quick installation.
Home Layout

Personalized Sensors

Wireless sensors are placed throughout a loved one’s home or residence to track activities and look out for emergencies.

2. Report Daily Activities to an Online Portal
Mobile device monitoring
Smart security... If the power goes out, creating a hazardous environment, an immediate notification is sent.
Runs on any platform

Secure Online Portal

Daily activities are sent to a secure online portal in real-time, allowing those with access to check-in from anywhere.

3. Which also send Real Time Alerts & Notifications
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Real-Time Nofications

In addition to 24/7 Emergency response, set your own alerts, notifications, and preferences on whom to contact with other issues of concern.

Security and Comfort

Security and Comfort

Give them independence they want while having the information to help before and when a problem occurs.