Happy Thanksgiving from Close to Home!

By October 7, 2018Uncategorized

This weekend, Canadians celebrate thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be thankful for in this country, from the food we share to the freedoms we have to the places we make home. As millions of people across the country go to visit their families, friends and loved ones, all of us at Close to Home Health and Safety want to wish you a wonderful and safe weekend. Great memories are made when people come together to celebrate their blessings, and those memories can be even better when they are made in a familiar family home. That’s why Close to Home is proud to provide affordable home monitoring and safety services that allow seniors to live in their own homes for longer. With Close to Home, you or your loved one’s home can stay a safe and comfortable place to celebrate the holidays.

With Close to Home’s affordable home safety devices and fall monitoring system, seniors can live securely in their own homes at far less cost than a retirement residence. Professionally-installed accessories such as grab bars, railings, bath lifts and Close to Home’s custom systems of secure motion sensors all reduce the risk of falls for seniors and provide a way to detect falls almost instantly. With a Close to Home safety solution, authorized loved ones and care givers can check in on a senior’s well being instantly with a secure, password-protected app. This means that even after Thanksgiving dinner is over and you’re apart from your relatives, you can rest easy, knowing that you are just a click away from a quick safety check in.

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Happy Thanksgiving!