Take Care of Your Feet with Close to Home Foot Care

By September 30, 2018Senior Health

Foot care tips from Close to HomeWhen was the last time you thought about how your feet were feeling? Probably not in awhile! But what you’re not thinking about most of the time is how vital your feet are to your everyday wellbeing. Our feet keep us mobile – so mobile, in fact, that by the time a person is 50, they will have walked an average of 75,000 miles! This is also the reason why so many adults experience foot pain or disorders related to the feet as they get older.[1] Proper foot care is vital to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, and Close to Home can help you find it with tips and services.

Make Sure Your Socks and Shoes Fit Properly

A surprising number of people are wearing socks and/or shoes that don’t fit correctly. It may seem like just a tight fit when you have to squeeze into your footwear, but if they are worn often, tight socks and shoes can restrict blood circulation and cause discomfort and other complications, especially for seniors. It’s important to choose socks that are seamless and not too binding at the top.

Some estimates say that up to 3 out of 4 seniors over 65 years old wear shoes that are too small. Shoes should allow the toes to rest comfortably without bunching them up. Your big toe should not touch the tip of the shoe and the balls of your feet should rest comfortably.

Stretch Your Feet Regularly

Take a few minutes each day to stretch your feet and ankles. Keeping your feet limber will prevent muscle cramps and knots. If you are a senior, consult your physician on the best stretches or exercises for your feet.

Keep Your Feet Clean and Tidy

Bathing your feet regularly feels great, prevents and alleviates cramps, and removes foot odor and sweat. It’s especially good if you suffer from bunions, dry skin, or other foot irritations. Make sure that your toenails are always cut and filed straight across before rounding to avoid ingrown nails.

Check Your Feet for Health Concerns

Foot care is especially important for those with circulation issues, particularly diabetes. Check the bottoms of your feet regularly – any cuts, sores, calluses or other irritations should show signs of healing within 24 hours. If they do not, consult your physician immediately.

Find Help from a Professional

If you or one of your loved ones is a senior citizen who has mobility challenges or needs assistance around the house, a professional foot care provider can help make sure your feet are in optimal health. Close to Home Health and Safety now offers professional in-home foot care services at affordable rates. Our trained staff will provide top quality foot care that fits your needs, in the comfort of your home. Learn more about what we offer here, or contact us here, and keep your feet happy!

[1] https://www.relias.com/blog/regular-foot-care-for-seniors-more-important-than-you-think/