Halloween Tips for Seniors from Close to Home

By October 31, 2018Uncategorized
Halloween Pumpkin Art

Source: thatartistwoman.org

Halloween is upon us, and that means that kids, youth and even adults everywhere are getting ready for a spooky good time. If you’re a senior citizen, you might be going out to a Halloween party or staying at home and giving candy to trick or treaters. Whatever you might be planning to do, here are some Halloween tips for seniors from Close to Home that can help keep your home safe on All Hallows Eve.

Don’t Leave Your Home Completely Dark

If you’re going out on Halloween or just not giving out candy, turning off your exterior lights is a good way to signal to trick-or-treaters that candy isn’t available at your home. Leaving your home completely dark, however, might leave you at risk of mischief. Leaving a light on in a window will signal that someone is watching and keep your home safe.

Use Safe Pumpkin Carving Tools

Carving a Jack-o-Lantern is always fun, but cutting into a thick pumpkin skin with a knife can be dangerous for people with arthritis or other dexterity challenges. Many stores carry safety pumpkin carving tools that are able to cut pumpkins while reducing the risk of injuries. When displaying a Jack-o-Lantern, it is also safer to use a flameless alternative to candles, such as small LED T-lights.

Keep Floors and Porches Clear of Obstructions

However you might decorate for Halloween, make sure your decorations don’t create a tripping hazard for you or others. Make sure there is always a clear and well-lit path for you and any visitors or trick-or-treaters to come to and from the door. (If you are concerned about slips and falls, you may also be interested in a home safety monitoring system from Close to Home.) Additionally, make sure your decorations aren’t so large that they block views out of your door or windows. Keeping a clear sightline to the outside will help to prevent vandalism and mischief on your property.

Know Your Limits

Many youths like to continue trick-or-treating late into the night, and no matter how generous we may be, everyone has a limit where we run out of either treats or energy. Be sure not to stay up past a time when you are able to only to give out candy. Not only will it wear you down, but opening your door to strangers late at night can be a safety risk. Decide in advance on a time when you will stop giving out treats and have a sign ready to put on your door – “No More Candy, Sorry!” This will also be useful if you use up your candy stock before the night is done!

Check in On Your Loved Ones with Special Needs

Halloween can be a stressful time for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia who may be upset by costumes or not understand why people keep coming to their doors. If you know a family member or neighbour with such an issue, make sure they are comfortable and prepared on Halloween, and that their home will indicate to trick-or-treaters not to disturb them.

However you spend Halloween, we wish you a fun-filled time on behalf of Close to Home!