Beat the November Blues – Stay in Touch with Family

By January 10, 2018Home

November can be a dull month for a lot of people – the weather gets colder and darker, and there seem to be fewer social activities between Halloween and Thanksgiving (and if you’re Canadian like us, even Thanksgiving has already passed!). It’s little wonder that many people experience seasonal affective disorder, often beginning with the “November Blues.” Senior citizens often feel these effects more strongly than others, sadly due to their tendency to live on their own and have fewer social connections. For families, friends and caregivers, there is a simple solution that benefits everyone, young and old: staying in touch and planning activities with the seniors in our lives.


It can be as simple as a phone call to a parent, or something very special like an invitation to an unexpected family dinner – every little connection you make is a reminder to a loved one that they are in people’s thoughts and are valued. So, if you are feeling the November Blues, plan a family get together, a games night, or any kind of activity you enjoy doing together. Spending social time with each other helps keep us young, no matter what age we are.


Close to Home can help you stay in touch with the senior family members and loved ones in your life by making sure that they are secure in their homes at all times of the day. Our experts can easily install a personalized home sensor system that lets you check in on your loved one’s well being at any time 24/7 via a convenient app. The motion sensor system can detect falls or irregular movement patterns in your loved one’s home and deliver real-time alerts, while also letting them report emergencies with a wearable device. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch with a senior’s safety while also keeping their independence. Learn more about what Close to Home can do for you here.