Put Security and Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand with a Health and Safety Monitoring System

By January 10, 2018Home

Living in their own homes can be the most comfortable option possible for seniors, but for their children it can cause a lot of anxieties. How will you know if a parent has an accident when no one is around? How can you make sure they have taken their medications when you are in the middle of a busy day? How will they call emergency responders if they fall?


Close to Home makes it easy to check in on all of these needs from anywhere with a simple, convenient app. With a customizable Close to Home safety monitoring package, a simple, wireless sensor system is installed in your loved one’s home to track daily movements and provide automatic alerts to caregivers and relatives should an accident or lack of movement be detected. Reminders can be scheduled for times when medication should be taken and for other daily activities. Seniors can also call you or emergency services if an accident happens with an optional wearable device. All of these options are available for significantly less than the cost of retirement residences or similar facilities.


With Close to Home, security and comfort for your loved one are as close as your mobile device. Learn more about our secure, 24/7 home monitoring solutions by emailing closetohomehealth@gmail.com or calling 1-888-877-2569 toll free.