Check in on Your Loved One’s Well Being While on Vacation this Christmas

By January 10, 2018Home

Close to Home can quickly and easily install a personalized system of motion sensors in your loved one’s home that can monitor regular patterns of movement and detect falls or other accidents very quickly. Real-time information from these sensors can be accessed 24/7 by you and/or a caregiver through a secure, convenient mobile app. Automatic reminders can be set to prompt your loved ones to take their medication or to do other daily tasks, helping to ensure their wellness. If something goes wrong, you can easily alert either a trusted caregiver or your loved one’s local emergency services. Your loved ones can even use an optional wearable device to report accidents to you or emergency workers. It all adds up to great peace of mind whether you celebrate the holidays on the beach, at a ski chalet or at home this winter. Click here to find out more about Close to Home’s affordable packages and get in touch with our experts.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!